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Home Sweet Home: Windows ...{part six}

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Newbeats Bread And Butter (+playlist)

{I can't believe how high pitched the lead singers voice is! I always thought it was a woman!}

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Apple Crisp Cheesecake. This would be a good "fall" dessert, like for Thanksgiving.

{Apple Crisp Cheesecake/Recipe}

Southern Creamed Corn Recipe | Just A Pinch Recipes

{Southern Creamed Corn/Recipe}

Asian Shrimp Salad recipe from ALL YOU reader Ysusan Smithson

{Asian Shrimp Salad/Recipe}



Top 21 Vegan Dessert Recipes of 2011

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What is your favorite meal time? 

My top choice, would unquestionably be 
supper time!

Supposedly, according to the Food Nazi's, you should eat more at breakfast, and less at dinner. That's how it use to be anyway. I'm not sure if that truth or myth has been debunked or not. Whatever! You all know how I am about food dictators, and their silly, naggy rules. True or false, it really makes no difference to me. What I put into my body is my business!

I am unapologetic about my love for food, or how much of it I consume. If starving yourself, or eating rabbit food makes you happy, than so-be-it! 

Let's just say if I went on a diet like the ones the Hollywood chicks do, I would become a raving lunatic. I'd be a very unpleasant person to be around. In other words... 

a major biatch!


What is The Dinner Dish?

We've done breakfast. We did lunch, and now it is time for The Dinner Dish

I'm not really sure where or how I came up with the name. It just kind of came to me. This is where I will be dishing about yummy supper time meals. I thought The Dinner Dish would be a great name for it.

Since I am new to cooking, and am still learning the ropes, for now I will be sharing recipes I have found on the Internet. Mostly Pinterest. Eventually, I will attempt to try some of these out, and I'll be sure to let you all know how they turn out.

In each edition, I will give you 3 to 5 meal options each time. In this edition, there are 3 for you to choose from. You can try them all if you want to. I am starting with fall meals, and we will be covering fall meals for a while.

Are you ready for some delicious fall meals? 

Here they are!

{Guava Chicken/Rustic Dinner Rolls}

I have yet to experience the taste of guava. I'm very curious about it though. I'm curious about lots of things I've been discovering lately. There are all kinds of exotic fruits that I have come across that I never even knew existed. For instance... Dragon Fruit. I thought that was a fictional fruit that Farmville came up with, but it turns out, it is in fact a real fruit. Sometime in the future, near or far, we will be exploring these strange fruits. Guava is more common compared to those, but I have never tried it. 

Have you?

I've been wanting to try new foods. I think our taste buds tend to get bored if you just eat the same old things all the time. I admit, I've often turned my nose up at certain things. Some foods just don't look or sound appealing. Then again, some look delicious, but because it's foreign to me, I am hesitant to want to taste it. So, I'm trying to keep an open mind about food. I don't want to be a food snob anymore.

You really can't judge something until you have tried it. And, sometimes you gotta try it more than once in order to give it a fair rating. If you aren't use to something, it may not appeal to you the first time. Maybe you would like it better if it is prepared a different way. That's how I am with tomatoes. As far as the fruit itself goes... YUCK! 

I don't want it on my hamburger. I don't want it even touching my food. If there are chunks of tomatoes in my soup or salad, I will either take the chunks out, or I'll eat around it. It can actually give the soup a little flavor, but I would not eat the chunks. It's a texture thing. 

I love Heinz Ketchup. I love spaghetti sauce {if it's not too tomatoey}. I love a lot of tomato based sauces. I just don't like the actual fruit when it's not cooked into something. 

Does that make sense?

I'm not sure about guava. It looks pretty, and it sounds interesting. The Guava Chicken sounds amazing! It looks amazing too. Looks can often be deceiving, but it's one I think would be worth trying at least once.

Since this is a new substance for me, I can't really tell you exactly what sides or desserts would be best with this chicken. I can only go based on what I see. It appears to be pretty saucy. I don't know if it's super sweet, tangy, or super bitter. It really just depends on that, and the texture. I just paired it with the rolls, and the rice. They are both pretty simple, and you can add butter or salt to give it more flavor.

As far as dessert goes, you can't go wrong with chocolate. Or, you could opt for some milk and cookies. It looks to be pretty filling. You may not want a whole lot after the meal, but it's always nice to have something sweet after a delicious meal.

I just love me some Pot Pie! But... there is a new twist to this classic fall fave! New to me anyway. It sounds pretty easy to make, but if you are a newbie cook like me... easier said than done! Right? Still, I'm definitely going to give it a try. Who knows? Maybe I can make it look just as delicious as it does in the picture. 

With a grilled cheese sandwich, along with a salad, and some fruit, it would be a perfect meal! 

After, I would have some chocolate. Maybe some chocolate candies, or some Ben & Jerry's, or a Hershey's chocolate bar, or you could go for the Cookies 'n Creme. I have yet to try that one! I've been meaning to, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Sounds good to me! What about you?

Remember the other day when I said sometimes it's best to let the pictures do the talkin'? Well... this is what I was talking about. 

I don't think I need to tell you much about it. I think the pictures, the recipe, and even the name of it, speak for themselves.

I am a little bummed though. I was trying to find the recipe for the pie. Even if I am unable to attempt something like that right now, I still would like to find it. If you know where I can find the recipe, or if you can tell me what it is, maybe I can find something like it at the supermarket, or somewhere that sells delicious pies like that. Just for future reference. Someday, I may want to try to make it myself. 

I mean someday as in years from now!


that is your dinner menu for this edition of The Dinner Dish

Let me know if you try these out! 


and if you would like to guest blog, you are more than welcome! I would love for you to contribute to The Dinner Dish. If you would like to, you could do your own version of the column. Maybe if you have an idea for a special Dinner Dish edition, you may want to do that. If you want to be a guest, contact me at the email address in the contact section below.

The Dinner Dish's 
Links & Credits Page 
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